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Sweet navel orange for hot sale

Model No.: NO1
Product Name: Sweet navel orange for hot sale
Product Origin: JiangXi Province
Standard: A
Brand Name: ZPYC
PriceTerms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 Tons/week(flexible)
Detailed Product Description:

Name Orange-p1.html" style="text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;" target='_blank'>navel orange
Color orange
Place of Origin Jiangxi Province
Supply Available Oct. to next Jan.
Supply Ability 1000tons per week (flexible)
Size 6-8cm
Weight 8-15kg/ctn
Pesticides Non-pesticide residue
Packing Details: Inner packing: individual labelling
Outer packing: 8kg / 15kg per telescopic carton or plastic basket
Or do as your request
Loading Capacity 32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/100/113/125 pcs /ctn
1800 ctns per 40RH container for the 15kg one
Delivery Detail: 7 days after receipt of the deposit
Loading Port Shengzhen, China
Payment term: L/C,T/T
MOQ: 27 Tons
FOB Price US$ 5.95-9.9/ctn

Competitive Advantage:
(1).Comply with Global G.A.P Certificate
(2).Supply from the place of origin
(3).Top quality and very competitive price
(4).Orchard and processing factories of our own
(5).Excellent service and high quality win our customers

The planter always offer your the most competitive price, kindly contact me as below asap if you wanna win the market.

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